Thursday, January 13

We Are Family!

So last night B and I started our new study at church, After The Alter.  I'm pretty excited about it because it's for all stages of married couples - newlyweds, parents, empty nesters.  We went with some of our friends and then saw 2 other couples we've been wanting to start doing more with, too!

Yesterday was the usual 'intro' lesson where we basically get out all the outcomes and sorts.  For the next 5 weeks (I guess 4 now) we'll learn about a few major tops and get some biblical perspective on how to deal and have your marriage survive through it. 

Last night was on pain and we had some good discussions; but I actually took something different away from last night. At the end of each lesson there will be a parenting application. Although we don't need that just yet, it never hurts to store up good information!
Genesis 1 - There are no children in the Garden of Eden. The woman completes the man and the man completes the woman.
The way that Jen (the wife leader) described this was so refreshing... "We are complete when we get married. Children do not 'complete' our family. They expand it. Your marriage is the most important human relationship you have on earth. Remind yourself of this daily as it is easy to forget when you are raising kids [or wanting kids].
I know lots of people waiting and praying for kids. I know lots of pregnant couples.  I know lots of couples with kids. And it's nice to hear that you are ok and you are still a family - with and without kids.
And on the other hand, I know lots of people who aren't married.  I don't think this verse was meaning you aren't complete single {as I would have been upset taking it a couple years ago}, but the emphasis is on the word family and when you become a family with your spouse you are complete. {just my take:)}

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