Sunday, January 16

Weekend Wrap-Up!

We had a typical weekend with an extra kick! It was Colby's 2nd Birthday this weekend!

Friday we went to yummy Puccini's and watched football games the rest of the night...

Saturday we went over to my sister's for Colby's birthday party! It was a Construction Theme party complete with dump trucks and construction hats! Colby was sooo good as usual, waiting on guests to arrive, telling everyone where to place his presents (ha!), eating patiently before opening gifts, and letting his friend, Lily Kate, help open gifts!
Uncle B, Colby, and Auntie MayMay

Colby was very patient waiting on guests to arrive. He was showing me the order he would open presents while we waited!

Some guests were a little I was trying to keep his mind off the gifts! We were looking at his fabulous cake his Mommy made and all the other cute details on the food table.

So excited he's 2!

Each of the kids got a construction hat with their names (thank you Cricut!) and had stickers to decorate with while the adults were finishing up eating.
We got Colby a truck you can put together and take apart with this motorized tool and... a pillow pet! haha! I think those things are so dumb, but when he opened it he gave the monkey a nose kiss ~ so I guess it was a hit!
Saturday night ended with us hanging out with our friends Nick & Jordan.  We watched football and basketball games for hours! {thank goodness B has Nick and I have Jordan! whew!} We ended up going to what I thought was a hole-in-the-wall bar, but they've revamped the place making it nicer, cleaner, and including Goodfella's Pizza inside! I wish I had a picture of the's's so big it's served across 2 plates! The place wasn't bad at all - actually a really fun sports bar! I see more visits there in our future, Jordan! :) Our friend Alison also met us there for a bit, but I didn't get a pic with her!

Sunday has been typical, too! Church, lunch with my parents, and more football. :) I didn't realize how much B loves football until we married....sly dog! haha
Best part is....the weekend isn't over yet! We both have tomorrow off! YAY! Aren't Sundays so much better when you know you don't have to work the next day?!
Hope your weekend was great!

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  1. Thanks for the pics of Colby's party. I wondered what the theme was and what all he got. The photos got me caught up. You are VERY good with him Megan. I know that Kelli appreciates that more than you will ever realize.


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