Monday, February 14

Happy Heart Day

Alright, so you either love or hate this day. I'm blah to this day.
I think that's it is a silly Hallmark holiday that forces single women to have to hear about guys being ooey-gooey over other girls.

You'd think with this feeling over this day I'd have this great love-hate story, but actually I don't!

I've always had pretty good V-days with friends or guys...and of course the oh-so-fun Valentine's Day parties in the 4th grade realm. I've even had some funny ones with a few blind dates...yikes! :)

My hubby kind of feels the same way, so we don't go overboard. I mean, yes, I get the beautiful flowers delivered to my classroom (haha) but let's just say I'm not trying to open a heart-shaped CZ necklace.  Our first V-day we went skiing with our friends Mandy, Brian, Jess, and Justin.  That was pretty fun!  Last year we did the regular dinner and such. 

This year we are planning on going out to eat and B got me a new surprise...a little outfit from a store I've never been to before...;)  {no, it's nothing dirty, get your minds out of the gutter}

And on the topic of bible study got started back up again last night. We started a new book called Simple Secrets of a Great Marriage.  I think it will be good - and I read the first chapter which seems promising.  I feel like B and I are still in the 'honeymoon' stage of our marriage.  We prepared A LOT before we got married, so the whole marriage transition was a pretty smooth one.  But, there's always room for improvement or just being conscious of continuously working on our marriage - I think that's what I'm hoping to get out of it. So, either way, it will be nice to see the girls more often and it being just us without the boys. :)

Hope you have a good Vday with whatever you do, and remember; GOD IS LOVE.

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