Thursday, February 10

They have my heart...

I've not been feeling well for about the last week so I haven't gotten my 'weekly' time with my sweet nephews, Colby and Cameron.

I am spoiled and usually get to see them 1-2 times a week. And you know what, I need to see those sweet little faces to keep me going. I mean, really, I do. Their little innocence, their sweet gestures, the easy way to love them; I just need that.

Well, last week my sister called while she was in the car with the boys and Colby started saying my name over and over. "Mom-maa, Mom-maa".  It was such a sweet sound.  Kelli told him I was sick and that they couldn't come over and he just kept saying "mom-maa sick, mom-ma sick". It broke my heart!  We also missed our regular Sunday afternoon with them, so finally I was able to quickly see the boys later this week.

If you have/have ever had a 2 year old nephew you'll know what I mean when I describe the giggle, smile, and hug...  As I came to the door he smiled big, threw out his arms, and gave me a big hug and kiss on the lips.  Precious. I just love that Colby. Of course, I love Cameron just as much, but his snuggles aren't the same as Colby's are on his own. ;)

Anyways, I was just so happy to get to see them even for just a bit! :)
Colby showing me how he can use his fine motor skills - cutting :) sister has entered the boys into a local modeling contest for a new store in town. If you have time, 'like' the site Baby Bundles of Lexington on facebook and then 'like' Colby in the 2T boys category and Cameron in the 0-24mo boys category!

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  1. OK, I just had a few minutes to spare and I needed to scan a photo of dad before Clyde frames it. Did that and was a little, tiny bit emotional. Thought I'd check yours and Becky's blog for my quick weekend peek, and now I am VERY emotional. This is the sweetest blog. I just teared up a little.....I don't have time to look more now, but this one was perfect! Glad you're feeling better.


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