Monday, February 7

I'm a Cheesehead, ya'll are Cheese Whiz

I do not think I could describe to you the excitement and joy B has with the Packers winning last night.
To say he is a die-hard fan does not do it justice. He's a freak fan: superstitious, screaming into the TV, etc.

He was a nervous wreck during the game, but so happy with the result!
Who wouldn't love Aaron Rodgers? At least his rap sheet is clean.... :)
We went to Jordan & Nick's for the game with a few other friends.  She had a yummy spread of pizza, dips, and veggies.  I brought Popcorn Lollipops in the colors of the Packers! I got the recipe from Brown Paper Packages. I'd love to make something similar for my students for Valentine's Day, but I am thinking I don't have the time this week! They were a little messy to make! :)
don't hate on our outfits.. haha
PS- If you haven't heard the Green and Yellow song yet, YouTube it. It's SO hilarious. I couldn't get it to upload to my blog b/c my awesome computer had decided it now doesn't have sound...
PPS- My team teach is a big Steelers fan so we made a friendly bet...she had to walk my walkers out in the pouring snow today! haha :)


  1. the popcorn balls were so yummy!!!!! and I love Mary had to walk your kids out!! glad we got to watch some of the game together!

  2. Megan, I am pasting a link to my good friend (and co-worker) Alyssa's recipe for Cake Pops. She is much like you, trying new recipes all the time and she follows Annie's blog (I think is the name) with wonderful recipes. I have a link to Annie's on my may too. I have not made these pops, but they sound very easy, and since she makes them for many occasions, I feel like they are worth the work. I hope this link works...if not and you are interested, let me know!

  3. I can see the link is there, but not underlined, meaning it won't work. Sorry! If you haven't made these (they will be a good second recipe for the popcorn balls) maybe you could type in the url. Oh well, just a thought. Love your blog, btw.


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