Monday, February 21

If you don't mind...

As I'm watching Hoda and Kathie Lee on my day off {thank you SO much presidents!} I started freaking out a little about how much I share on the Internet {did you see the episode?!}!  Although I think I'm pretty good with not sharing too much on Facebook, I sure am NOT like that on here!!

So, here's my plea....if you read our blog, and you haven't clicked 'Follow' yet, please do so! I promise it's not for vain reasons {ha!} I would just really like to know who I'm sharing all our personals with!

So...  if you need help...
Click on the FOLLOW button on the right.  If you have a google account, twitter account, or blog account you can sign in using that name/password.  If you don't, no problem! You can click and follow anonymously and just use your name or initials!

Maybe I'll even tie it in with a give-away soon...


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  1. I know I don't share too much on my blog.... Because I only get the writing bug like twice a year! LOL. I wish I could sit and write on a regular basis. But I just feel like I'm too boring and I don't have anything anyone would like to read about. LOL

    Now facebook, that is a whole different story. I know I probably share too much on there.


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