Monday, February 21

Friday Night!

Friday night we had our girl's night I'd talked about here. It was so fun seeing a lot of our friends from college.  Mandy and Amanda S. came in from Bardstown and Cincy, and Liz happened to be in from NYC.  It's always nice to know how friends make the time to see one another!

We started off at Bar Louie for a rushed dinner before the show! It was fun hearing new and exciting updates from everyone...since we all seem to get worse and worse making phone calls - me especially!

Then we went over to Comedy Off Broadway.  The first act was better than the main one.  It was a girl who was on Last Comic Standing twiceShe was hilarious! We only got called out for a little bit with her, but with the main act, he called us out a few times! This was actually unusual, since our group has seen Etta May several years and she ALWAYS calls us out! ha!  It was a really fun night!

It was also funny because B and I seem to have been spending a lot of time together. Not that I think that's bad, I think that's how most married couples are. But usually we do more couples things than girls nights/boys nights.  It ended up we didn't have a chance to speak all day until I got home from the night! It was kind of weird, but fun at the same time!

Thanks to Mandy who planned the fun night and to the girls who were able to make it! :) Looking forward to our next get-together already!
me, Mandy, Amanda, Amanda, Shannon, Ann, Liz

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