Tuesday, February 22


Saturday was also a very fun day! First, I met my friends Katharine and Sara for brunch at Joseph-Beth Cafe ~ YUM! It was great seeing Sara outside of school and so fun to see Katharine since she moved far, far away to Michigan! :)

Then we celebrated my Mom's Birthday! It was fun, but Colby was SO excited about the ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins he put the party on speed dial! He was handing GG gifts left and right, helping her open, posing for a few pictures, and running back over to the cake! I will tell you...it was the best cake I've had in a long while!!

The photo below is blurry from my BB, but it's really cute. Eric just happened to have on a matching shirt with Colby, and Brian really did just happen to have a matching shirt to Cameron! Too cute!
Kelli and I didn't get the memo to match someone else...
We topped the day of with a W for UK! {finally!}
Hope you had a great Saturday!


  1. YAY!!! I enjoyed seeing you outside of school too :)

  2. Um...I love how it says Ms. Pickens...haha!


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