Tuesday, February 22

My Mom and Dad ROCK

The title of this post makes me sound about 17 {or in 4th grade since my kids LOVE using the word, rock}. Which is what I feel like when I write this post. :)  I.Am.Spoiled.

Seriously, I have great parents.

Around 1:30 I had this craving for Chili. But not my chili, my Mom's chili.  So I seriously emailed her and asked her what she was doing and if she could make it and come bring it to me.  I know you are shakin' your head right now. But I did it.

And of course, with the oh-so-now tech we've got, it went straight to her phone and she replied instantly..."yes". YAY!

Well actually, Mom already had dinner plans so she said she'd make and send Dad over.  Well my poor Dad had work to do, but he agreed to stay and eat with me. Where's hubby? Oh, he's training to be Mr. Fitness America apparently.  So...my Dad and I got to enjoy a great dinner that Mom cooked and he brought over.

Pure Bliss.

So, I say again, My Mom and Dad ROCK, and now you know why I said I'm like a 17 year old... but, I guess no matter how old and married I get, I'll always be the baby. :)
most recent pic :)
Side Note:
Here's my Mom's Chili recipe along with my add-in's {since there are so many different ways to make chili!}
What you need:
French's packet of Chili-O
Browned hamburger meat
French's chili beans (1 can)
1 can tall tomato juice
cooked spaghetti noodles
1 can water
Chili powder
Frank's Red Hot Sauce
tomatos (we don't include those b/c we don't like them!)
How to make:
In a large saucepan, simmer tomato juice, beans, water.  Add chili-o to the browned meat and add. Add noodles.  Shake Chili powder and lots of Franks Red Hot Sauce.  Let boil, then simmer and serve with cheese and crackers.
*PS- I AM so one of those people that can't have macaroni noodles in my chili--it must be spaghetti noodles! Are you like that?!

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  1. Wonderful new blog "look". I love the layout and background design. Very nice. Words about your great mom are even better. She will love it!


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