Friday, March 18

3rd Doctor's Visit {Past Post}

Original Post Date 3/1
We went to our third doctor's visit on Tuesday (Mar. 1).  We're beginning to see how busy our own doctor is...because once again our doc was delivering a baby. So we're 1/3 with him! However, the doctor we saw was sooo nice! We loved her! She was very open and honest, and basically made me feel much better about my constant freak-outs and feeling terribly all the time.

So...on to the good part! We didn't get an ultrasound, but we did get to see the baby! Our doc even printed us out a picture {which apparently they don't usually do at this visit}.  The baby's heartbeat was very quick and strong and baby was much bigger than the last time! We could see the little heartbeat flickering. It was so neat! All my tests and blood pressure came back great as well.  I was very relieved about this because I haven't been able to eat very healthy due to being sooo sick - I have to eat what I can get down!  I also haven't gained any of the weight I initially lost back yet, but the doctor said that was normal, so I'm not going to freak out about that anymore.

Also, the best part was that we get to find out the gender at 18 weeks!!! They usually do it at 20 weeks, but I've been a week ahead of the timing of the visits {long story as to why}, so we are waiting to go back in 5 weeks instead of 4, so that we will be able to find out early instead of later! YAY! That is going to be soo fun! Baby Burton will have a name!! :)
Baby Burton is the size of a medium sized green olive!

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