Friday, March 18

A different kind of shopping...{Past Post}

Original Post (2/26)

My mom and I went Maternity clothes shopping one Saturday when I was feeling decent.
It was quite comical.
We went to Target first and they didn't exactly have the selection I had expected.  Next we headed to Motherhood Maternity in the mall and ended up staying there for probably close to 2 hours!  It was too hilarious! They have this cloth bump (that was kind of bumpy?!) that you strap around your waist to see how you 'may' look in the future with your bump! It was more funny than helpful honestly.  But we had a lot of fun with it! I think it's also funny that you buy your regular size and it is supposed to fit! Can't wait to see if this is true!

We bought a few things, and I even found 2 decent bathing suits for the summer. I actually bought a one piece... I don't know when the last time I wore a one-piece was...maybe the Speedo I was wearing when I swam in high school?! I told Brian to just watch out for my hot-ness coming at him in Summer 2011. :(  Why doesn't Victoria's Secret make maternity swim suits!?

Here are a few funny pictures from the shopping day. Mind you, we were in maybe-the-world's-smallest dressing room, it was a million degrees in the store, I was wearing my accupressure bands proudly, and I had been holding in my pee for almost 30 minutes. Again, I apparently haven't had this 'beautiful pregnant woman glow' yet. I hope it comes soon!

Mom wanted in on the action, too!
Since then I've found some other clothes at Kohl's, GAP, and a few online stores.  Oh me oh my...I am glad I can *hopefully* pull off the flowy summer dresses! haha! :)  And no, I'm not insane, I will not be spending $100 on a Pea and the Pod shirt I will wear for a few months.


  1. Look at Macy's. That's where I've found the best deals and cutest stuff.

  2. i love that dress! and i love seeing you all preggo! i can't wait!!!


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