Tuesday, March 15

St. Patty's Day Desserts!

All I think about is eating desserts! Weird, huh? I'm usually not a huge dessert person. So, since I haven't posted a recipe in SUCH a long time, here are a few fun and yummy-looking desserts to make!!  I SOO wish I could make one of these for my students, but the thought of preparing food is still gross to me. :( Oh well, maybe soon!!

Mint Chocolate Dark Squares

The Ultimate Thin Mint Brownies

Grasshopper Pie

Kiwi Lime Pie

Easy Ice-Cream Pie


  1. mmmmm i LOVE mint chocolate! if I was off in the next few days i would make one for you (me too) but I have to work :( :(

  2. My mom makes these mint chocolate brownies...want me to have her whip you up a batch?!?


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