Saturday, March 12

In Honor of SEC and upcoming NCAA...

I've decided to do something I *just might* regret...  Today I am feeling pretty good, so I may regret saying I'll have the energy {haha} honor of all the basketball games I'm watching, I'm running a special on Sports Team Wreaths.

*If you order a UK Wreath, enjoy $10 off from today (3/12) until Friday (3/18)
*If you order a Sports Team Wreath with another team other than UK, enjoy $6 off from today (3/12) until Friday (3/18)
{and remember, if you are a follower you always enjoy $3 off!}

Please remember it could take up to 10 days to fulfill an order, so hurry before the NCAA tournament begins! :)

You can either leave me a comment, or send an email to my account:
Hope you're getting sunshine like me today! :)


  1. Did you about die today when we had not one, but two injured players?!?!

    I love the UK wreath. So cute. I made a UK tree for my friend at Christmas and I made a garland that would match the wreath to a T.

  2. It makes me happy that UK fans get a bigger discount :)

    We had a great time w/ cousin Nola....can't wait until you get to experience all the cousin is so fun!!! :) congrats!!!


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