Monday, March 14

The Myth IS a Myth: Morning Sickness

Welcome to the first Myth Monday. This is just supposed to be viewed as something somewhat comical in due fact that I may never be the same as I once was before! ha! In no means will I write any of these posts from a 'mean' or 'mad' perspective. It's just all in fun and the memories I want to keep and remember.

Ok, this really IS a myth. Morning sickness is some made-up word by someone who could not have ever been preggo. :) It's an ALL DAY sickness type of thing.  We like to refer it to as 'getting sick' in our home in stead of puking to make it be cuter since it does refer to a baby, and babies are cute. ha!

Feeling puke-y, feeling nauseous, feeling down, crying for no good reason, feeling tired exhaustion, leg cramps, belly cramps, 13 yr. old acne all over my face, etc. lasts all day long and almost every day {at least it still is here at 11 weeks...}.  But it has become quite funny! In the beginning I used to cry because I cried, or cry because I puked, or cry because I can't open the fridge without getting sick. Now, I gag and we just sort of start laughing, really. I mean, what else are you going to do?! It's just funny when Brian gets home as asks why I am crying and I don't have a reason! Oh extra hormones!!!

However, with that said, I DO NOT want to look back at this post and think I was complaining.

Because you know what, this is just part of it! SO, keep your chin up and remember - this is a season and IT IS WHAT IT IS.

As my hubby likes to remind me, You're making a baby inside you for heaven's sakes! And he's right! God has blessed me with this unbelievable miracle inside and my other lady parts are a little jealous of their space getting smaller and smaller. You'd be mad, too, wouldn't you?! So...people say it doesn't last longer than your 1st Trimester.  My 'getting sick' started exactly at 6 weeks and I'll keep you posted on how long it lasts!  I only have a week and a half longer until I'm out of the first trimester, so keep your fingers crossed!

Here's what's in my current "Pregnancy Tool Kit":

It also stinks if you're allergic to everything and then you can't take your allergy meds! Hello allergies I've been fighting off for years!!! But again, this too shall pass.
*So...if you're in the middle of this craziness, just realize how lucky you are to be feeling this way, try and do your best to deal; tell your hubby, momma & daddy how appreciative you are that they are being over-the-top sweet to your crazy ways, and know it will be over soon. :)

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