Tuesday, March 15

{2nd} Baby Doc Visit

Original Post Date: 2/3/11~
So, our first visit to the baby doc was very weird.  We were too early to see anything on the ultrasound {they thought I was 8 weeks, then 6 weeks, turns out I'm 5weeks5days}, didn't get to see my doctor, and was there for 3.5 hours!!!

BUT, we did get to make an appointment for a week from that first visit...and this time it was awesome!

So here's a recap from the oh-so-cute Daddy-to-be...

Wow, what a day...nervous is not the word, I'm not really sure how to describe anxious, unsure, concerned and excited in one word, but none the less it has been a crazy day!  Our appointment was at 3:00, which I had assumed meant 4:00, but to my surprise, we were called back at 3:15.  The nurse immediately did the ultrasound, and within minutes we saw our baby!  Not only were we able to see the little sweet pea, but we also heard the heartbeat, which was absolutely incredible (120 beats per minute)!  Meg and I were so excited, in fact, I gave a classic Jersey Shore fist pump!  That sound is one that I'll never forget!  Next, we finally got to meet with our doctor, who had been delivering a baby during our first appointment.  He quickly relayed to us everything to expect over the next 34 weeks.  We are scheduled to go back in 4 weeks and we both can't wait to see what's ahead!  What a blessing our Lord has given to us...it hasn't completely sunk in yet, but we both can't wipe the smiles off of our faces after this amazing day!!!



  1. How sweet! I love B's recap of the appointment. I can tell how excited he is!!

  2. Thanks Kaelin! Brian is SO, so excited!! :) He's being really cute about everything!


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