Wednesday, March 30

WILW~TV Edition!

Welcome to my second What I'm Loving Wednesday with Jamie!  I actually did one last week here, but I'm a nerd and didn't do it fast enough, so I wasn't able to link up! ha!

This edition is all about TV! I used to never be such a TV junkie, but with the invention on DVR I just really love certain shows!  So, read with no judgement please!!! :)

ALL Real Housewives!! But certainly not all equally.  Here is my list:
1. Real Housewives of Orange County {Alexis is my fav}
2. Real Housewives of Miami {love Larsa, too funny}
3. Real Housewives of New Jersey {are they still making new ones?!}
4. Real Housewives of Beverly Hills {Hmm, I love the Maloof gal}
5. Real Housewives of ATL {oh NeNe, you are so drama-rama!}
6. Real Housewives of NYC {I only watch b/c I feel I have to}
all on Bravo
Now, this is funny because I am SO far from the drama-ish stuff. I get so uncomfortable with fighting, but I love the shows!

Bethenney Ever After {and Getting Married?!} also on Bravo
OMGosh! I just love her! She is too funny. And Jason? Oh what a good man to put up with her crazy!  Her body? Hello, did you have a baby? Crazy.  They just crack me up!

Basketball Wives {Shawnie O'Neal is my fav, then Jennifer Williams} on VH1

Mike and Molly on ABC
Have you seen this? Not many people have...but it's really comical!
Modern Family on ABC
I don't know which family is my favorite, but I LOVE Phil Dumphey! He is soo hysterical!
Cougar Town on ABC
{What happened to this show? Where did it go? I need me some Big Carl back in my life!}

Pretty Little Liars {I got hooked during a Snow Day marathon back in January!} on ABC Family

**Shows I'm looking forward to this Spring that will so be on my DVR list...
Pregnant in Heels {Bravo} and Khloe and Lamar {E!}
What are your favorite shows?!


  1. You forgot RHOdc (which is probably ok, since it hardly shows what DC is really like anyway...)

    And Modern Family -- Can you believe Phil JUST became a dad (for real) in this past year? You would never be able to guess that he didn't have teenage daughters, since he plays the embarrassing, nerdy father SOOOO well. MF is my FAVORITE show ever!!

    Oh -- I have you on an automatic news feed with my most commonly read blogs, so I see every time you update :)

  2. i have never seen any of these shows! I am missing out! but I love that you are wanting to watch pregnant in heels. not surprised!:)

  3. What great things you are loving today! I hope that you had a great Wednesday!

  4. I feel like such a loser about loving Pretty Little Liars so much! I really do love it! haha. :) I'm so glad when I find out other people do too. What's wrong with being 25 and still watching teen dramas? :) Not. A. Thing. :)

    Cori @

  5. We dont have Bravo or DVR anymore since moving to Asbury, but that is what I missed so much after having Eli. All the nights awake with him would have been much easier to watch the 7,000 Real housewife shows. Modern Family. You should watch How I met your mother. I watched them on DVD after Eli.


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