Tuesday, March 29

What A Weekend!

What a weekend for sure! We had so much to celebrate starting on Friday!  So WARNING! This is going to be a long post! ;)

Friday:On March 25th of last year {2010} Brian and I got re-baptised by our minister.  This was SO special to me...almost more special than the wedding, almost:).  I was baptised when I was in 2nd grade and Brian in high school.  Although we've remained pretty close in our own individual relationships with Jesus, we wanted to make a commitment to make sure we remain close with Jesus together and in our marriage, and in our future family... Well here's the cute little kicker... We said a lot of things about how we pledged to bring up our future family in the Lord and... this year on this day we are 3 MONTHS pregnant!! {Apparently this is a big deal in preggo world I've found...}.  Oh how God is laughing above at His master plan!

So, I found this sweet card series from "Baby on the Way" at Hallmark and gave the card to Brian with a cute little book on Championship Fathering by this really cool NFL and FCA guyI wanted to look up the card line online to share with you all, but I couldn't find it! It is written SO cute! It's written as if the baby is speaking.  This particular card was telling the parents not to worry about baby getting lonely because God was holding his/her hand and letting the baby know what was going on. The card was so sweet ~ it brought tears to B's eyes!
card from baby "H" :)
Then we enjoyed a big W from the CATS!

Saturday and Sunday we enjoyed a fun weekend get-away in Nashville! We seriously love getting away together and taking trips no matter how small.  There is just something about getting away from your daily life and just having time with the 2 of you that we just need and crave.  Since we have both been to Nashville plenty of times, we decided to steer clear of the regular 'downtown' atmosphere not hitting up popular places like The Stage, Cadillac Ranch, etc.  We decided to stay on the West End and try to find more local places{we love doing that!}.  AND it just so happens we ran into a sorority sister and her husband whom we went to college with while eating lunch! They gave us some great places to try.  Thanks Emily!  We ate lunch at this cool place called Which Wich? that we totally need in Lexington! It was super yummy!  Then we walked around and drove around town for a while. 
is my belly sticking out a little bit here?!

how cute is this?! great way to walk into the hotel room!
Before dinner we went back to the room to enjoy some very romantic Sparkling Grape Juice {don't hate!} and chocolate-covered strawberries {thanks Jordan and Nick!} and opened our gifts to one another, then got ready for our anniversary dinner at Stoney River.
ok, ok, Brian poured beer in his glass...

UMM, best steak ever! It was cooked in coffee beans with maple syrup, cinnamon, cumin, and a few other spices. OMG delish!  Next, I actually surprised my hubby and made it past 9:00 and went to a few live music joints! Woo Hoo, go me! :)  We went to SamBuca and tried The Standard but it was a one-in-one-out situation... boo! {thanks baby burton for giving me 2 great days!}
Sunday:After we finally got ourselves going on Sunday, we enjoyed brunch at this cute place called Athens Family Restaurant that we found out later was featured on Diners and Dives! It was yummy!  We ended up pulling into Lexington right at 5:00 - the start of our BIG game about #1 Ohio State! Hello W once again and Hello Final Four!!!!  Afterwards we went home and watched our entire wedding DVD...and after a few tears and laughing, we enjoyed our wedding cake topper. YUMMO! It was delicious!  Did you save yours?

It was a wonderful year and a great weekend to celebrate! So thankful for all the blessings we have!

*And if you've made it through this LONG post, YAY to you! ha! I will be doing a Give-Away soon for Spring...stay tuned! :)


  1. We saved ours and since I don't like cake, we had a cheese cake. It was delicious! :) The whole time though, I just knew it was going to make me sick! haha!

    I'm glad you had a great weekend! It sounds wonderful!

    Cori @ ILoveLucyJean.com

  2. Thank you Cori! I haven't liked cake in years, but I loved this cake! I do like cheesecake, too!! :)

  3. sounds like a wonderful weekend! glad your cake was good, i am nervous about trying ours next month:) can't wait to hear more about it !!!

  4. YUM-O! Your cake looks delicious! We saved ours and enjoyed every bit of it a year later...it's crazy how it stays good! Happy Anniversary!

  5. Brian would probably enjoy "The Expectant Father". It is written each month and then tells what he might be going through or should be thinking about, what you are going through physically and emotionally and then what baby is going through. It was really helpful!

    Also, I am jealous you got to eat your cake topper. I put mine on ice to drive back to SC after our wedding, not thinking about it being in a cardboard container. Of course the ice melted...flooded the container and we had a soggy, unedible, cake topper :(


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