Monday, April 25

Easter Sunday!

Our Easter Sunday didn't start with your typical Sunrise Service.  We actually went on Friday night to church {through the tornado touchdown and all!}.  Our church is pretty large and asked regular attendees to think about going to another service so it would open up some free spaces on we went.

My Mom and Dad had lots of my Dad's side over for Easter Lunch.  It has been pouring here and we were really keeping our fingers crossed for a dry day since there were so many people coming over! Luckily, it rained a lot through the night and morning, but dried up just in time for the entire afternoon to be enjoyable!

We started with a massive Easter egg hunt in the backyard for the 3 boys.  Cameron was sound asleep upstairs not knowing what he was missing! :)  Jackson and Caleb were so sweet with Colby and helped him find a few of the eggs the men hid!
got a little excited and was trying to pick up all the Easter baskets!

Jackson was the winner of the BIG egg!

Colby...look up in the tree!

Colby, Caleb, and Jackson
Afterwards we enjoyed Easter lunch outside! It was so good! I just love comfort food!! It seemed like we had all my favorite things: honey-baked ham, deviled eggs, pasta salad, scalloped potatoes, fruit salad, green beans, hashbrown casserole, 7 layer salad, and more! And oh the desserts!! I helped myself to 2 different desserts! My sister's delicious homemade chocolate cheesecake and Hope's Strawberry stuff!  Me and baby were enjoying the food Sunday!! :)
he loves smiling!

It was so fun to get everyone together and hang out.  Us 'kids' aren't the kids anymore though!  There used to be 5 of us cousins who were the kids...but that's quickly changing! Jackson is in 2nd grade, Caleb in K, and Colby and Cameron are growing up too! Next Easter we'll have baby H to join in on the mix! Seems so weird...which I think it does to everyone else since they kept saying, "I can't believe you are going to have a baby!"  Believe me, I sometimes can't believe it either!

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter Sunday and remember how blessed we are that He rose from the tomb for each one of us no matter what we've done!! WOW! Gives me chills!


  1. Megan, I have to read your blog (when I see you've updated) so I can find out about Tricia's family gatherings! Easter dinner & egg hunt sounds fantastic. You asked about our traditions, one thing the Baker family has passed down is a peanut scramble. After the egg hunt (for kids) the eldest family member takes peanuts in the shell, and tosses them out for all to catch, shell and pop in their mouths (or save:)

  2. That last picture of you is adorable! You look like a natural! :)Cori at ILoveLucyJean


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