Sunday, April 24

*Future* Easter Traditions

I'm not much on decorating for every season (except Christmas!!) but I have put up just a few Easter decorations.  My regular table decoration has transformed into grass and Easter eggs, and I have a few things here and there.

I'm very excited to *hopefully* get an Easter basket on sale for my baby for next year! I know I want to put the name or the initials {HAB} on the liner.  Here's a few of the ones I found and liked:

And look at what happens after you plant these jelly beans from C Jane Blog.  What an adorable idea! How exciting for a kid! I can't wait to do that in a few years, along with making Resurrection Eggs.
What's your traditions for your kids?!

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  1. i LOVE those baskets!!! but im confused as to how those jelly beans grow those scrumptious lollipops!!!:)


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