Thursday, April 21

Knocked-Up and 28 :)

Like the title? That's what my little hubby is really liking to say right now. :)  He likes the fact that we are only a year apart for about 2 months until he turns the big 3-0!

We celebrated my birthday with my parents and sister's family on Sunday.  With her husband working nights during the week and having 2 kids, it was just easier! For everyone in my family, they pick out where they want to eat.  But for me, I always have Mom cook and Dad grill steaks...because that is really my favorite! Sometimes we get to sit out on the deck...but Sunday the wind was a little too chilly!

Mom is making Easter dinner, too, so I only asked for a scaled-back version of my favorites since I knew I'd be getting them a week later!

So...Dad grilled Critchfield steaks {yum!}, and Mom made: scalloped potatoes, green beans, pasta salad, corn on the cob, and cheesy bread.  And for dessert...homemade Strawberry Cheesecake!! Yummy! My favorite!

Colby kept telling everyone he was at a 'birthday party' and 'where's the cake'! He likes to help open all the gifts and then move you right along into the cake! No more slow birthday parties in this family!!
how cute is that cheese?!

helping me read my 'favorite aunt award' card

my little guys :)

cheesecake! yummy

me and the 'rents his funny comment, here

baby daddy and me :)

On Tuesday I had life group and the girls surprised me with the best tasting cookie-cake ever! I wish I could share the picture...but it will come in a later post...

Wednesday Brian and I spent the afternoon and evening just spending time together.  He's been training for a mini-marathon so runs for what seems like forever and doesn't get home until about 7 each night. Then I'm ready for bed around 8:30 {ok, well, I just don't feel like talking at that time, ha!}, so he decided to skip running so we could have time together! I was really craving Olive Garden and it did NOT disappoint!! We haven't been there in about 3 years...but I think we'll be going back soon! 

{Hubby got me a camera that is so cool and high-tech that I can't figure it out just quite yet! ha! I was excited because my old camera stunk and wanted a better and faster sharing one for when baby comes!}

It was a great birthday! :) Cheers to another year of life!


  1. glad you had a great birthday!!! can't wait to see your camera and all the fun pictures you will be taking with it :)

  2. You are such a cute little pregnant lady!! I am glad you are getting some energy back and had a wonderful birthday!

  3. Happy birthday to you! I hope it was wonderful! (sounds like it was!) :)

  4. Dang girl... your scaled down version of a birthday dinner still sounded pretty bomb! So glad you had a good time and can't wait to see some of these pics!


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