Monday, April 18

16 and a Day Down!

Alright! We are 16 weeks and 1 day down as of yesterday...working through week 17!!

I'm feeling really good ~ still tired, but I will take it! I gag still about 2-3 times a day...but like I've said before, I'm okay with this because I know being sick is a sign of a healthy pregnancy {for some}.

I've been trying to do weekly bump pictures just for Brian and I to remember here, and will be adding this one in, too!
Whoa Nelly! Yup, I'm showing! :) In this picture, I'm wearing maternity pants and a maternity top! Brian bought me this top for a Valentine's Day gift!  This week the baby is compared to an avocado! That's kind of big, people!!

A few neat things: baby Burton can now taste what I taste! The baby will even begin enjoying certain foods I eat, so the cute book {which is so cute BTW, it's a must have with really funny and good advice about ALL things!!} Jennifer got me said to eat broccoli now! haha! Baby is also developing ear drums so he/she can hear our voices and sounds.  Hmm, are we going to start being those people who talk into my belly?!

Weight Gain: HAHA, yea right. You're not getting that out of me just yet! :) I'll keep that info in my super cute Pregnancy Journal for my eyes only.

Cravings: Chocolate Milk and breakfast-for-dinner

Funny Moment: Yesterday we celebrated my birthday {post coming} at my Mom and Dad's house.  My Granddaddy was there and said, "Megan, I was about to tell you you looked like you've really put on the pounds...but then I remembered you were pregnant." HAHAHAHAHA Mind you, he's 88. :)

Clothing: I'm mostly into maternity pants or squeezing into a few regular pants with the Belly Band.  I'm also wearing a few maternity tops or some tops that are in a larger size than what I normally wear. {hello boobs for the first time ever, haha} Luckily I already had some flowy tops and dresses that fit great!

Baby Planning: 2 more weeks until we find out the gender of our little one!  For the most part, we have the color scheme's down for either gender...just waiting to see!


  1. so excited to find your blog!! :) you are the cutest preggo lady ever. i am glad you are feeling better!

  2. Hey! I went to your blog! It is so cute! :) I'm following now!

    Thank you for the sweet comments!!!


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