Friday, April 15

A Miracle and A Vent...all in the same post

So, which kind of person are you? Do you like to start with the bad and end with the good or the other way around?  I like to end with the good I can remember it {hopefully} more than the bad.

The Vent:IF one more person tells me they hope I have a girl baby rather than a boy baby I might literally say something nasty and hurtful to you. Honestly.  If one more person tells me that if I have a _______ than it won't matter because I already have so many ______ in my family, I might once again say something mean and ugly. Honestly.  AND, if ONE MORE PERSON tells me they'd rather have a ______ over a _______, again, you guessed it, I will not be a nice lady. {and I even had someone tell me I shouldn't accept a shower if it's a ______ since I can just use all hand-me-downs...}

A baby is a miracle. NO MATTER if it's a boy or girl.  Since when did people start thinking you can *wish* what you are getting?!  A baby is a baby, no matter if you have a 'lot' of one or the other.  I'm so sick of it and I'm realizing it's probably only going to get worse the longer I'm pregnant.  So, if you're around me, I'd stay clear of saying any of the things above, or, you might get your own feelings hurt....and I probably won't say sorry. :)

The Miracle:Ok, think of the person you know that has the absolute worse allergies.  Then times it by 100.  That's me.  I seriously have the worse allergies known to man.  Mix that with living in Kentucky, Keeneland season and Patio season (outdoors) and you've got a pretty miserable Megan. So I've always imagined how bad it will be once I have to get off all my meds during pregnancy.  The only med I'm allowed to take is Claritin; which I've been immune to for about 7 years.  But guess what ~ my allergies have honestly not been that bad at ALL! I've truly never had a Spring {or any other time of the year for that matter} that has been this tolerable...and it's all without my boat-load of meds!! So, I say, "Thank you Jesus" for giving me this little miracle right now and giving me a break.  YAY!  I am so thankful every day!


  1. Ugh... why the hell would you not accept a shower for your first child, no matter what gender! You are not a goodwill store. And, as if people just want to give all their stuff away!

  2. One I agree with Tara. Two totally with you a baby is a blessing no matter the gender! all that should matter is if the baby is healthy!

  3. well, you ARE having a shower, and it's going to be a good one!:) so glad your allergies are better! maybe now you can play with Maya!:) (just kidding)

  4. so true, babies are such a blessing, boy or girl! :)

    I hate allergies, I have them too. What a blessing to have them under control for the time being!! :) I hope it will last a while!

  5. Megan, I can totally hear you and I do understand. Having one of each gender, I want to say (not that you don't already know)they aren't always as close throughout life as two of the same sex. Sisters or brothers either shop, fish, or just hang out a little more than opposites do. Your baby and Cameron will be very near the same age and a boy would be close to Kelli's sons. However, saying that, a baby girl would fit in just fine. Honestly, I hope I have worded this well (I'm eating breakfast out with Clyde who is chatting a little:) but I hope you know my heart. I am agreeing with the girls above, this baby will be just so special and wonderful because he/she she/he will be yours.

  6. Agreed! I am not pregnant and am still waiting to do so for a while; but, I get upset when people think that I automatically want a boy now (since I already have a girl). I just want to enjoy having children. No matter their gender, etc. :) You go girl! haha.

    Cori at ILoveLucyJean

  7. Thanks for letting me vent! :)

    Cori - totally know sort of what you mean! everyone did that to my sister who had 2 boys. ick! :)


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