Saturday, April 9

Opening Day ~ Keeneland!

We love Keeneland! Friday was Opening Day and Brian surprised me with taking a half-day so we could go! We could not have asked for better weather in April! It was close to 78 degrees and super sunny! It sprinkled only once or twice, but not long enough to have to move inside.  After Keeneland we went to The Boathouse and enjoyed a patio dinner! YAY, Spring is finally here!! :)
my hair looks bouffant - its just the wind blowing my hair over my sunglasses, ha!

3 Amigos back together again...B, Casey, Adam

watching the horses in the Paddock

Go, Go! There was a horse there named our boy name so we bet on came in second!

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Pros & Cons of the new Spring Meet:
Pro: They had live music on the back Paddock area ~ so much fun!!!
Con: Gate 2 tailgating is taken away...BOO! We were laughing that we never would have met if that was the case a little over 3 years ago!
Pro: We spent less money because I was drinking water...HAHA  and not the 'crack' beer
Con: Did I just get old or are the younger girls more slutty revealing than usual? I mean, I saw lots of butt and lots of cleav.  Even B was talking about how those girls weren't leaving much to the imagination! ShooWee...nasty!
Pro: I could wear my regular capri pants with the belly band and my 3-sizes too big top! :)

Hope you're having a great weekend!!

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