Saturday, April 9

Spring Break!

I love Spring Break! I may not have been spending my break in the beautiful St. Lucia like last year...
I did get to spend it at my home with great weather in KY!
This week I've done a lot of the following and loved every minute of it!

I slept in every day this week!
I had lunch or brunch out every day this week with friends!
and did NOT have to make my lunch at all this week!
I shopped a lot to decorate our home and get some maternity bigger clothes. My sister also found out that Victoria's Secret is making Nursing Bras now! Hopefully they will make me instantly have the body of this woman below. HAHA  How mean is that to sell nursing bras on this skinny little lady?!
I sat ousidet and burnt *parts* my body...whoops! Think Farmer's tank-top tan...
I cleaned my house really, really well!
I did lots of laundry every day! Whew!
We also got to go to our Doctor's this week and hear the heartbeat again!!  We heard baby do a few tumbles as well! AND we made our 18 week appointment to find out the gender of baby Burton! YAY! Less than 4 more weeks to wait!!
We enjoyed the Opening Night of the Legends game, too!
Next week, it's back to the grind of teaching to the upcoming big test - BOO! Poor kiddies!
Hope you've had a great week!

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