Tuesday, May 17


We have our 20 week scan today. I don't know why; but I am feeling very anxious about the appointment. So, prayers are appreciated!

Yesterday, the day started off badly with different types of news...It left me feeling very anxious and sick to my stomach.  Mid-day I received an incredibly nice and heart-warming email from a fellow staff member that I rarely come in contact with.  He just emailed me the most simple email about my husband and I's expecting news, how he views me, and his hopes for our child.  To look at the email - it seemed random at first to receive.  But then at the end of his email he said he 'hoped it wasn't too over the top' but just felt compelled to write it to me that day.

God knows right when you need a little pick-me-up, doesn't He?

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  1. It's Tuesday and you are going now (or soon?) to your appt. A prayer for peace of mind, finding her well, moving, growing and healthy!


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