Thursday, May 19

20 week Doctor's Visit

The big 20 week scan went great!! :) Thanks for the thoughts and prayers.

After waiting only 2 hours after our appointment time...we finally got seen! Our favorite ultra-sound tech did the scan on us.  {we've had sort of a lot of US'} She plays Air1 on the radio which is quite soothing to be humming along to christian music while your heart is in knots.  Anyways, she started off the scan using words we didn't know, so I asked her if she could just talk us through everything she was doing! At first, I thought she would be annoyed, but she was really nice and receptive and Brian and I were amazed.  I mean, pure amazement! The whole time, the video screen I was looking at was in 4D real-time and Brian was looking with the tech on her computer screen as she was pointing out things and telling us little information points here and there.

Unfortunately, I was unaware that to get the digital video and pictures I had to provide my own CD. :( But we did get about 18 prints! Baby girl kept covering her eyes at the moment the tech would take the picture for all the 3D ones. She's definitely a little mover!  Oh well, she was still beautiful!! The tech kept referring to her as 'Angel Baby' because there's no way a perfect little baby could be designed by anyone but God. Isn't that neat? Brian and I have started to say it; although, only with each other. HAHA! Anyways, everything they tested for was negative so that was such a praise!! Baby seems to be growing wonderfully, and she's even 3 ounces overweight {haha, the normal is apparently 10 oz at this point!}. She also measured exactly on her due date, which they said was kind of weird...20 weeks 3 days.  There's a small something the tech and doctor want to watch on me; but apparently it's sort of common, so the doctor wasn't too concerned. I will just get a few extra ultrasounds during my routine visits to check.

I also don't want to forget this - we watched her little lips move up and down and swallow amniotic fluid and we were able to watch it go down her lungs {?} and into her belly and then her belly raise up and down! It was soo neat!

both her hands are up around her face...look at that little nose!

cute little profile :)

her hand is up by her head and mouth...little at that little muscle! haha and her ribs! so amazing to see what is growing inside me!


  1. OMGsh!! You're have a baby!! reading this post and seeing her pics just made it hit me! I can't wait to see her beautiful face when she is born!! So very happy for you and Brian-- it'g going to be amazing :)

  2. :) Harper's already a cutie!

  3. LOVE this and Brian are going to be such amazing parents :)! SO very excited to meet Miss Harper - she is beautiful just like her Mommy and Daddy!

  4. Wow, I remembered you (prayers too) on Tuesday (I believe it was:) but hadn't had a moment to check out your blog until now. These are AMAZING photos!!!! I love them, I agree with the others, she already looks like a doll baby!


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