Friday, May 20

This is harder than the name!

This is way harder than the name! I've spent more time on this than I ever did researching names since we already knew what they would be for so long!

So, while I was posted up on the couch for several weeks, I searched for baby colors and themes.  Brian and I prefer more of a color/design block theme rather than a character themed room.  So there's the first issue. It's much harder to find AFFORDABLE crib bedding/room designs when not wanting birds, trucks, winnie the pooh, boats, etc. {nothing against it, it's socute, just not what I'm looking for!}.  So anyways, I thought I was dead set on a theme for either gender...but now that it's here, I'm starting to second guess myself!

Much to my surprise, I have decided not to use my signature colors of pink and green! I think if our wedding was long ago I'd like it; but since it's only been a little over a year, I am not sure if I'm in the mood for more pink and green!!  I was considering either a light pink and grey theme or lavender and white theme.  What I thought we had decided on {because we both kept going back to that bedding} was quickly confidence-shot by a little look of a woman who will remain nameless... :) So, now I'm second-guessing and don't know what to do!  Yes, I listened to Rosie Pope explain babies need lots of colors and visuals, but I'd like a calm and serene look for the nursery.

So, here are my inspirations.  I wish I was a cooler blogger who knew how to do the big fancy inspiration boards...but alas, I'm not. So these will have to do! Not every picture will obviously be exactly what I was thinking, but rather ideas from each room will be used.

The last 4 pictures are our bedding choices as of now.

I'd love some comments on which look is best. Or if you have neat bedding sites to visit!
My favs are:
Polka Tots
Carousel Bedding
*Layla Grayce
Pottery Barn
{although a little disappointed}
Restoration Hardware
*Rosenberry Rooms
*{my key word was affordable...this site is awesome, but super pricey}


  1. We couldn't afford to get really expensive bedding either! I think I would have had a much harder time deciding if Jonah had been a girl because everything is so cute. I'm drooling over the Coastal bedding on the PolkaTots site- beautiful and unique!

  2. We got ours from They actually have a "create your own" section which is what I used. I picked the green & blue stripe as my main fabric and then the website matched up all the colors they had available. I then used those colors to compliment the stripes. They had this ADORABLE songbird pattern last year that I was going to get if Baby E had been a girl. You don't have to use the "make your own" option but it is nice b/c you can customize the length of the skirt as well as whether it is ruffled or pleated. Here is a link to S's bedding... If you blow up the picture of the crib you can see it as well as on the changing pad...

    Good luck!! It is SO hard to choose!!

  3. Thanks Laura. That is actually where the last image is from - I designed it on that website. I am just still not sure which look I want. :)

  4. You inspired me to finally post a blog about Norah's room. Thanks! I was very inspired by Restoration Hardware in making our grey/pink/white room. Check it out!

  5. Oh...and do you use Pinterest? I wish I had been using it when trying to create a look.

  6. Have you looked at Land of Nod? That is where I got my baby bedding.

  7. I love those curtain rods, the green rug, the pink and grey, and the lavender... i can see why it is so hard to pick! I say, go girly-- Harper may be your only girl and chance to decorate a girly nursery :)

  8. I loved all Restoration Hardware rooms when I was looking for Eli. I missed my house the most when designing his room because I like you like color blocking and not so much themes, but I couldn't paint the walls here in the dorm which made it hard. So...I like what we have here but I will LOVE having a home in the future when and if we have more. You can't go wrong with any choice. You have a great eye and will make it all perfect for your precious one.

  9. I had a breakdown in Lowes while 6 months pregnant trying to pick out colors.......crying and everything. I was a sight I am sure. I spent hours upon hours trying to figure out something for Lucas. We went bright and crazy! We love it! Now if I was choosing for a girl I probably wouldn't have went the crazy route, lavender, purples, etc.


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