Monday, May 23

21 Weeks

21 Weeks Down!
Pregnancy Highlights:

Size: Harper is the size of a banana! That's big! What To Expect book says baby girl should be around 11 ounces, but we learned here she was already 13 ounces! Will I have a big girl?!

Baby Harper is moving up a storm and I LOVE it! I was so worried last week when I couldn't feel her much, but since about Thursday she's been moving a lot! She mostly moves around very low in my stomach and when I'm laying down.  Through the night she moves almost constantly, so I lay my hand and arm down there as if I'm hugging her and eventually I can fall asleep.

Weight Gain: I'm up +6 pounds from my original weight.  I'm definitely showing - no more confusion whether I've eaten a little more or not! ha! I can mostly only fit into maternity pants but I'm wearing regular tops/larger tops/maternity tops.  I can't wait for school to be out so I can wear more sun-dresses that feel much better!

Mood & Feeling: I'm feeling great! I'm really enjoying being pregnant and getting more excited for baby every day.  I'm not sleeping at all {my nerve-endings are 'shot', according to my doctor, on my hips causing me to feel shooting pain up and down my arms/legs and my arms and legs become numb while laying on my sides, so I have to flip almost every hour through the night} but I'm dealing with it fine and remembering I am SO lucky to only have 8 more days of work left and then not sleeping won't be as hard in the summer! Although my flopping around like a fish might get me kicked to the guest bedroom! ;)  Brian is being very sweet about my belly growing and he's loving it! Still hearing that I'm beautiful even though I don't have a waist anymore means so much! ha! :)

Cravings/Aversions: I didn't have any big cravings this week, but I did want pizza and one night ate 7 pieces! whoops! haha  Still can't do sad!

What's Baby Up To: Baby's drinking the amniotic fluid and can 'taste' what I eat! So right now, I am starting her on foods she will like and not like! Weird, huh? While she's doing this she is practicing swallowing and digesting.  Her arms and legs are now in proportion, neurons are connected between the brain and muscles, and cartilage throughout the body is turning to bone!

Best Moment of the Week: Besides, the 20 week doctor visit, this past Thursday, Brian got to feel the baby move for the first time! He was so excited, as was I! Since then he's been feeling her a lot and it's such a fun and neat thing to get to share!

Also...My sister came home with this awesome diaper bag from the Coach Outlet on Saturday!! I love it! I'm so excited about it! One big thing checked off the massively long list! :)
fuzzy BB pic; but it's got all colors on it so it's not too girly for B to carry too, and it's pink inside with lots of pockets!


  1. cute bag:) :) glad baby harper is so active!

  2. So exciting! And I love the diaper bag!!

  3. Hey Megan! You look so tiny for 21 weeks! I am super jealous. It was great to run into you the other day. I've heard so much about your blog from Katharine, I figured I better check it out!

    Congrats on your coming baby girl!


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