Tuesday, May 3

The Name Game :)

Okay...Here Goes...!!!

Before you get to know the names... There are a few rules.  Please don't roll your eyes! People can be harsh and this sensitive girl is even more sensitive with all the extra hormones.

Please raise your right hand and promise to follow these rules:

1. If you don't like the name, DON'T tell me. Or Brian. Lie if you must.  White lies never hurt anyone.
2. Don't tell me a name that would 'sound better' with our last name. We've obviously picked a name we like that we think sounds good together, so don't rain on our parade!!
3. If you know someone with the name, awesome, but we don't need to know.
{these have all happened to people I know, so yes, some people are that rude!!}

So....the girl name I've loved for a very long time - like 3 years.  The boy name we came up with as soon as we found out I was pregnant!

I love names. I mean LOVE names.  I've had a word document with a list of names for about forever! Although Brian has added to this {and more so deleted some of the names}, but most of them stay constant.  It's kind of hard to pick a name when you love so many...but these 2 names were SO easy and quick for us to agree on. I love it!

So...which one is it!?!?  Check back soon to find out!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)


  1. I love picking baby names (even though I am not expecting) my bf and I do this all the time. We have come to the conclusion if / when we have kids it will probably be a boy, because we can't agree on a boys name.

    Can't wait to see what you two picked.

  2. You're killing me! haha. I am excited to know the name you picked out. I love hearing what other people are naming their children. Good luck with the ultrasound and can't wait to hear the sex either!

    I promise to abide by the name rules. :)


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