Wednesday, May 11

Shameless :)

Hey! At least I admit it!!

I am linking up with Jamie for What I'm Loving Wednesday...but I am also being slightly shameless with my post. :) I hope that doesn't get me kicked off her blog link-up!!!

I just discovered the wonderful world of from a "having a little girl" perspective.
I am in love. 
There are SO many precious things on there! From big 'ol bows, to sweet ginormous tutu's I just couldn't help myself from smiling ear to ear! Even sweet Brian was laughing along with me picturing Harper wearing all that cute stuff!!

So..on to the shameless portion of my post ;)

I added a new item to my Store and hope to sell bunches because it's really cute! Although I haven't found UK Blue vinyl yet - I'm working on it! Think of the possibilities for tailgating! Check back soon ;)

{poor quality due to picture taking on the BB}

Aren't these cute?! I also think matching glasses or a pitcher or maybe platter would be adorable with names, initials, monogram, anything! Please visit if you'd like!! :)

Momma's got to make some extra money now! haha

And...thanks for letting me be shameless today! I will be back to my normal self tomorrow!

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  1. listen don't go ordering stuff off etsy! maybe someone already ordered something off there for someone's baby shower!:)


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