Friday, May 13

Weekend Wrap-Up & The Weekend! :)

WHEW! TGIF anyone? This week has been disastrous in an overly-dramatic way. :)  Nothing too serious, just some un-needed d-r-a-m-a here and can read between the lines!

Any who, I am SO glad for this weekend to relax! However, I never got to post about last weekend!!

Last weekend Brian's sister, Heather, and her family came up for the weekend! They live in Georgia and it was so great spending time with her and her fam! We hadn't seen our nephews in a while and they've gotten so big! I can't hardly believe it!

Friday we started off the weekend going to Cheddar's with Heather, Boyd, their 2 boys, and Kelley - Brian's cousin and then hung out at Kelley's house. It was so fun! :) 

On Saturday, Brian and I went to Keeneland for a bit for the tailgating portion of Derby Day and met some of our friends out there.  The weather was actually pretty nice {it's rained the last 4 Derby Day's!}!
dark photo...but it's the only one we took!

Amanda, Jordan, Me
Next, we headed home to get ready for a cookout at our house with Kelley and her daughter, Lana, Heather's family, and Brian's dad's family.  It was so great having everyone in the same place.  I really miss that his sister doesn't live here - and that's a prayer we all keep *asking* for is for them to move closer! ;)  We played around and hung out for a while until it was the little one's bedtimes.
Hayden and Lana...Cooper was snoozin' :)
On Sunday, we celebrated Mother's Day with my Mom by going out to eat and then hanging out at the house.  We also got to let Colby in the creek in my parent's backyard with the fishing pole I got him.  He had so much fun! 
Dad and Colby - he didn't have play pants, only church pants, so we took them off!
Later on Sunday, Brian and I went shopping again for baby furniture.  When we were at the store {we'd previously looked and priced a lot of places and decided on what we wanted} we found out they were having a 20% off sale off EVERY piece, including the converter rails {to eventually made the crib into a full size bed}!!!!!! We were so pumped, so we bought it! People have been telling us it will take around 12-14 weeks to get all the furniture in so we shouldn't wait.

UM, Brian got a call that IT'S HERE today!! Thankfully they will hold it at the store for a while! :)

So...on to this weekend...It looks like we just got a little kick in the bum to start getting our attic ready and organizing the Craft Room into the new guest bedroom! Although it's going to be a lot of work, we are actually looking forward to it!!
19 wks, 1 day

Have a good weekend!!

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