Sunday, June 5

23 weeks!

Saturday marked 23 weeks and Harper was up and at 'em early celebrating! :) 
It also marks us into the 6th Month of Pregnancy!!

Pregnancy Highlights:
Size: Baby is the size of a papaya! I didn't know what that looked like! ha! She's also around 8 inches long and over a pound in weight! {no wonder I felt really big the last few days!}

What's Baby Up To?: Baby is moving all over the place! She may even begin to have hiccups! Baby's skin is a bit saggy, hanging loosely from her little body. 

Weight: I've gained a total of 12 lbs so far! I have to be honest; it's starting to really freak me out every time I get on the scale! I just never thought I'd see these weights! :)  I'm trying my best to eat healthy snacks and take advantage of all the fresh fruit ~ but this girl wants sweets!!!  What to Expect also says baby is about to start packing on the pounds, which means I will too! Yikes! I already feel like I am slightly huffing and puffing walking around and going up and down our stairs!

Sleeping: Ok, so the sleeping thing is no fun...for everyone! The tossing and turning from hour to hour due to my legs and arms falling asleep and the pains in my hips cause Brian to not get any sleep either.  Thankfully, he hasn't said a word about it even though I know it's rough for him. :) I am also thankful that after Monday, summer begins for me. It will be so nice to get to have a 'break' from work while pregnant! However, I won't be taking too much of a break; between long-term sub plans and nursery I'll have plenty to do!

Cravings & Aversions: Still no Mexican. :(  Still not cooking any meat of any kind. :( Just drives me to getting sick! {which thankfully did not happen this week!}  I have been craving Coffee-flavored ice cream! Brian went to get me some the other night at 9:00 and handed me a spoon and the gallon.  I ate half of it in one sitting. whoops.

Best Moment of the Week: Laying on the couch every night with Brian holding my belly, feeling Harper move! I swear she kicks when she hears him talk to her! :)


  1. look at how cute that dress is! you look great!

  2. thanks! it was a honeymoon dress but I managaed to shove myself into it :)

  3. how cute is the image of you eating ice cream from the tub and brian holding your belly on the couch?? like a movie- aww. cannot wait to see your cute preg self!


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