Thursday, June 16

24 Weeks!

A little late! :) We turned 24 weeks last Saturday (June 11th)! :)

{I know these get boring, but I want to remember each week!}

We spent our 24th week anniversary in the car to HHI! The car ride was actually better than I had anticipated, with only a few more stops than usual to pee and back aching for only about the last 3 hours! I was pretty happy! :)

Pregnancy Highlights:
24 weeks + 1 day

The size of the baby:  We are still a papaya! Baby could be as long as 11.5 inches! We go to the doctor next week. 

What's baby been up to?: Baby's skin is becoming more opaque as the fat starts to pack on. And, thanks to the formation of small capillaries, her newly thick skin is taking on a fresh pink glow.

Movement: Harper is getting pretty predictable on when she moves now.  She mostly starts around 8 or 8:30 at night and moves around until about 8:30 in the morning! Then, she move on and off through out the day depending on how I'm sitting or if I've eaten a bigger meal! I love feeling her and Brian does, too! We spend a lot of nights with our hands on my belly or just watching her kick through my belly! Wow, we sound so boring now, but it is so fun! :)

Weight: Well, I've started to pack on more than just a pound a week... I've gained 15 lbs so far! whoa! I'm in to most maternity clothes and still shoving myself into a few summer dresses and bigger tops.

Cravings & Aversions: Well, I headed to a Mexican restaurant this past week and I made it sans getting sick! I didn't have meat (cheese quesadilla), but I still made it! I'm still just craving desserts! :) Not one in particular.

Sleep: Well, I don't. I haven't been sleeping well and I feel so bad for keeping Brian up all night every night, too. :(  I'm using lots of pillows behind my back, in between my legs, and up under my belly, but nothing seems to help.  I still have to switch sides every hour because of my numbing pains and of course pee all night, so that doesn't help either. HOWEVER, I am so lucky to be having this right now when it is summer for me and I don't have to go in to a daily job! So, the sleep thing is just one of those pregnancy deals as was my horrible sickness the first 4-16 weeks, and look, I got through it! :)

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  1. you look great :) i love that "baby moving in your belly" feeling!! ENJOY it!


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