Wednesday, June 8

Summer Is Here!!

Although this week has been laced with working's still summer and that means no 6:45-3 job! woo hoo!
{sorry to those of you who aren't teachers...maybe you can pat yourselves on the back because although I get a summer, you make more than me. HAHA}

It's been a really fun first week!
I've had time to:
* actually clean my home and do loads and loads of laundry
*get up without an alarm {even though it's still around 5, haha}
*go to bed later without freaking out I won't be ready for tomorrow
*play with my nephews
*go on lunch dates and eat/talk for longer than 20 minutes
*run errands or shop during the day

I love being home! I also think it's so funny this will be my last summer at home by myself! :) I'll have a little friend next year! Brian keeps saying to everything we do, "we won't be going out to eat like this next year" or "we'll have a timed schedule for things soon"... so we are relishing in our last summer as just a family of 2!!

Here are a few phone pics I snagged while at the pool with my sister:

OK, I kid, I kid. This picture was taken last year about the same time...

Colby enjoying some snacks with Auntie MaeMae

fun in the sun!

Cameron loved the pool too, I just didn't get a picture with him!

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