Tuesday, June 7

Swivel, Glider, Rocker?

I'm not sure which type of chair is the best to get for the nursery.  I'm going on purely looks. ha!

I don't like the look of a rocker or a large wooden glider...so I think I'm liking the swivel chair, sans ottoman. 

But my thought is...Do you actually use the chair a lot? Do I feed the baby in her room and rock her to sleep there? Who knows ~ I've got a lot to learn! :)

I do know that I LOVE this chair.  I must find a dealer soon, and then, as I am finding out very quickly, see how pricey it is! Baby stuff is expensive!! ha!

 Where did you find the best deals on nursery room chairs?


  1. I have a chair similar to that! I do not have an ottoman I got a step stool that I can keep out of the way. Stools are great/recommended for breast feeding.

    I use it all of the time!!!! Its nice to sit in there and read to Lucas before bed and sometimes I will sit in there while he is going to sleep because he doesn't want me to leave the room yet. I really thought that I would move it to the living room by now but no way. I use it EVERY day. Totally worth the price.

    You are welcome to come and check mine out anytime!

  2. Thanks for the tips, Kim! Where did you purchase yours??

  3. I got the fancy swivel glider for Norah's room. It is beyond pretty and love it (even though I'm paranoid about it since it's white). The only thing I wish I would have thought of is the back. It's not tall enough to rest my head on unlike the cheaper, wooden glider I have in Sadie's room. When you're holding a teething baby for a half an hour in the middle of the night, you'll want to rest your head. Although, since you're not exactly tall, this may not be so much of an issue for you :)

    Be sure to look at cleaning directions too. Be thinking of spit up and grimy hands when you look at fabric. I almost wish I had gotten a Pottery Barn type chair with the removable, machine washable covers.

  4. We got a glider and we use it a lot in the evenings to rock Lucy and to read her bedtime stories. I sometimes wish I would have gotten a recliner though. There were so many times when Lucy was younger that she just wanted to be held and would cry if I didn't hold her. I would have been able to recline a little and get some sleep too; but, it didn't recline and was really awkward. I recommend a recliner! You will get more sleep that way!

  5. I don't have a specific chair in mind because I don't love ours but I second Jenn's opinion on making sure the head is high enough. I used mine a lot in the beginning and would have been very uncomfortable without something to prop my feet up on. If you don't get an ottoman then I would recommend some kind of stool you can use and move out of the way.

  6. Thank you so much for all your input! I hadn't thought a lot about everything you all brought up!! Ok, here's looking for a chair that has all that with a good price tag! ha!

  7. Nursery Time.....We got everything there.

  8. Megan I used my chair sooo much! I still use it everyday...usually for S's morning and night feedings. I got the ottoman late and wished I had it in the beginning...it felt SO good to put my feet up! I also agree with making sure it is tall enough to rest your head. The other thing to think about is the fabric...I did mine in a color that I could use in both a boys and girls room just in case!


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