Saturday, July 16

28 & 29 :)

Whoops! I skipped the 28th bump update. I'm sure you all were just dying to read it...HAHA.

I'm 7 months preggo and we're working on week 30 as I type!

Not much changed between the two weeks {except for my weight:)}.

Here's my 28th week bump pic:

And my 29th week bump pic:

I'll just share the neat things Harper is doing and what's developed in the past 2 weeks and keep this Pregnancy Update short and sweet.

Harper's Movements: My girl is a wiggly worm! Her Daddy says she takes after her Mom in that respect. :) She's constantly moving and I truly love it.  It is soooo neat to feel her at all times of the day and even the night! She's been consistent since I could first feel her staying on the right side.  I am determined that she's finally moved up a bit because I feel her move against my ribs, but I also don't feel like I have to hold up my uterus like I had been feeling for so many weeks.  I guess we'll find out this Thursday when we get to have another u/s.  She sort of 'runs' from one side to another and if you catch it on my belly it's amazing to see!

Kick Counts: On my 28th week I had to start the Kick Counts chart. I was really nervous about this because it sort of seems intense.  I have to record a time frame every day and see how long it takes her to kick (move, turn, etc.) 10 times until I deliver. They would like it to take less than 2 hours.  Well, let me tell you! She certainly makes this easy on her anxious Mom! I can usually get all kicks in from about 6:00am to 6:30am! Sometimes I wait to do it in the afternoon just to make sure everything is going alright, but it hasn't been that big of a problem, yet.  She might sleep more once I'm working - who knows! I bet my new students will be in for a show a time or two watching her jet out of my belly a little! ha!

What's Developing: This week she's as big as a cabbage! Baby's brain isn't smooth anymore - which is a good thing! She's got grooves and indentations from getting more brain tissue.  Also, baby has bone marrow which will help her survive when she comes out of the womb.  She's also getting fatter :) which is the reason why it (What to Expect App) says my uterus is ginormous!

What's Happening with Me: I've got heartburn bad!! Friday night around 9:00 I was craving wings, so we went to BW3's! I paid for it by being up from 4-6 with heartburn! Funny thing is the App told me I was about to have heartburn really bad this last leg of pregnancy due to some changes going on in there! It was right on cue! :) I'm actually feeling pretty good but I also realize that's probably due to not being back to work yet.  Still not sleeping, etc., but it's ok! I can't believe we only have 10 more weeks to go! Yikes!

Nursery Update: always, something has to go wrong!!! :( The crib is STILL NOT IN. To make a long story short, the company lied when they told us they ordered it and it would be in in 2 weeks. Because it's not. And when I called they said it was out of stock and they won't be re-ordering it. WHAT? I. WENT. OFF.  I asked to speak to the manager. He told me I needed to calm down. Let's just say you don't need to tell a 7 month OCD preggo that. So I went off again.  Supposedly they've called the actual furniture company and have the crib being shipped to us. I don't know. I went there again today to check that that was the actual truth, and supposedly it is. I guess we will see... Who knows. Good Things: I made her big thing for her room and will be showing it soon, we've got it painted, and we are just waiting on a few personalized items to get finished and her nursery chair.

*please don't tell me 'it's ok if it's not finished she won't know' because I will know and I am way too OCD for this craziness! plus, who has time to work on the nursery after the baby?!?!*


  1. You look so adorable! Where do you get all of your dresses? I have been wanting to eat at BWW for days now! I hope your crib comes in soon.

  2. you look super cute!!
    That stinks about the crib, I totally get it and would have acted the same way! :)

  3. thank you SO much for your comments!! Paige - you are too sweet! Most of my dresses are regular ones just in a bigger size, but I have found some good ones at Motherhood Maternity. The pink one above is from Target just last week and it's a regular one, and the long dress is from last season at Old Navy and it is a reg. one, too! :)


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