Thursday, July 14

My Today :)

Can I really write that I am so tired from shopping around at Kohl's with my Mom and Target? Well, I just did. Is this a sign of laziness or 3rd trimester whoas? Who knows! :)

I've been working on my one major crafty thing for Harper's room and it's freaking me out! Therefore, it's become a very slow project...I'm hoping to share it by the end of next week...since in May my goal was to have it complete before I go back to school!

On that note...SHEESH! The summer is flying by! I feel like I just got into summer! Anyone else feel like this summer has flown? I feel like I've been busy, but I'm not exactly sure how or what has caused me to be busy?! I did go check out the Dollar Bin at Target and unfortunately bought some stuff for the classroom *even though* I said I wasn't going to buy things this year. Oh gets me every time! I'm stressing a little bit about how I'm going to get those heavy boxes my kids packed and put away  down and unpacked considering my school closes at 3:00 and won't let you come in at night, so I guess Brian's out?! Oh well, trying to remember I don't have to worry about that until August 1! :)  I do love organizing and getting my classroom set up and the clean, new feeling it has for about a day until the little ones come, but I have a feeling this year will be more angst than anything getting it ready!

And to end on a very cute note to a super random post...

Harper got her first Barbie on Sunday! :) Her G-Daddy (my Dad) bought it for her. Ha!


  1. I was looking at the dollar bins at Target and almost bought some stuff myself - they have great classroom stuff in there!

  2. I am only 27 weeks and get tired from shopping too. So sad but true.
    I totally get the whole classroom panic. I have been working in mine from 5-9 every night this week. Stinks that yours closes. We can get in whenever we want. Stuart had to come do some heavy lifting and ladder climbing the other night. I LOVE working in there too. However, for some reason it is just not as easy this summer! :)

  3. LOVE the Barbie! Very fitting and cute. :)

  4. Just thinking about a trip to Target and Kohls makes me tired and I am only in my 2nd trimester! lol. Thank you for the name comment!


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