Sunday, July 24

30 Weeks Down!

Man! When my What to Expect App. changed the countdown to 9 weeks yesterday...WHOA! It's really getting close!
sorry, i realize not the best pic!
Pregnancy Highlights:
Baby girl is the size of a head of lettuce weighing in around 3.2 lbs and 18 in. long. 

What's Developing: Her brain is working overtime! She can perceive all 5 senses now! She's also making faces, hiccuping, swallowing, breathing, and pedaling with her little hands and feet. 

Weight: I lost a pound from last week...

Movement: I'm still feeling her move, but it is not as constant as it has been.  When I sit on the couch in a certain way I can definitely feel her move.  I'm still keeping track of her kick counts - which haven't been hard to find in an hour if I sit a certain way!

Cravings: So, honestly, I have still never had those crazy movie cravings where you eat the weirdest combos and have your hubby go out at all hours of the night to get for you. {I'm sure he's glad!}  I did always think that would be sort of fun though! I've tried to limit my desserts since I was getting a little crazy on them, but I still love my Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal at least 2 times a day!

Symptoms: The fatigue is definitely back! It's hard moving all day long!! :) haha Pre-teen acne, leg cramps and back cramps are mainly the worst things now.

Sleep: Same story. I don't. Oh well! It's just preparing me for life after the baby, right?

Best Moment of the Week: Brian and I made a list of what we thought Harper will look like when she makes her debut.  We didn't look at each other's lists until we were finished! We had to write which of our features she'd have.  Our lists were actually very similar! So can't wait to see! :)


  1. You lost a pound, what am I doing wrong? I am fairly certain I've gained like 5 this week! :) Good luck with the start of your school year, I know you'll be lacking energy for sure, but I know 9 weeks will just fly by!

  2. Girl I don't know! I was starting to average 2 a week! I probably sweated it out. Ha

  3. Your blog is so cute! Thanks for visiting mine and becoming a follower. I am going to follow yours as well so I can read all about your last several weeks of pregnancy and Harper's eventual arrival. :)

    I didn't have any weird cravings either, but I was also a fan of cinnamon toast cereal!


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