Monday, July 25

Saturday Night Love

We had one heck of a fun Saturday night!!! Two of my friend's got married to wonderful guys ~ one a surprise and one planned!! So here's the crazy story of the night along with a few pictures!

Andrea {my friend I taught with} had her wedding on Saturday. I was her guestbook attendant. :) Her rehearsal dinner on Friday night was so fun too, but I don't have any pictures from that night... My other friend Whitney {from childhood} was having an engagement party on the same night.  Well, she had planned it just about 2 weeks before, so I decided I probably wasn't going to make it since I was in Andrea's wedding.  Meanwhile...I secretly found out Whitney was planning a SURPRISE wedding that night for her guests! WHAT?! haha! She lives in Australia after following her love of her life {I should post a story about this, so romantic!} and was only going to be in the states for 5 days!  Also, Brian was in Cincy this weekend taking his tests Friday and Saturday. He wasn't getting out of the test until 4:00 on Saturday and I hadn't talked to him at all that day to tell him what I had found out! So... I went to Andrea's wedding around 4:30 for pictures and so. Her beautiful ceremony was at 5:30 and ended promptly at 6. Well, Brian arrived at our home around 5:50 - so I ran home to pick him up, we drove very quickly downtown to see Whitney, and then drove out to Keeneland and made it before Andrea's wedding party was announced into the reception! Shew! I was glad I got to do both, but wished I was able to stay with Whitney longer, too.  She graciously invited us over to her brunch on Sunday morning and we were able to catch up with her and her sweet new hubby, Rick!

Here are a few pictures from the night~
pretty Andrea

the flower girl ~ Gabriella {mary's daughter}

at Whitney's Engagement Party {before she changed} me, Whitney, Allison, Alison

Whitney and her Dad

Whitney, Rick, and Rick's Dad who came in from Australia to perform the ceremony

Boys at Andrea's Reception: Rick, Brian, Trent, Andy

Andrea dancing with her Dad. I think this has become my favorite part of wedding receptions.

Me and my Baby Daddy :)

I'm with all the girls that left us at work! haha Sara, Me, Katharine, Tricia

some of the girls with Andrea: Mary, Sara, bride, Katharine, Me

me and my team teach :)

my crazy dancer-hubby and the bride!

teaching Andy "the bernie"

My favorite part of the night - they brought out warm donuts at 10!!! I was pumped! :)

getting it

Bride getting down!

our little group of teachers with Andrea :)

Sunday Morning brunch with Allison and Whitney
It was such a fun weekend! I love it when big groups of friends are able to get together! I love that I got to see two wonderful girls marry wonderful men!!! It seems like it's always getting harder and harder to get everyone together, so weddings are the perfect thing!! :) And, even though there aren't any pictures, I was a trooper-preggo! I danced the whole night away {seriously, until midnight!}! Luckily, I was smart and wore flippy flops! :)

Thanks Whitney and Andrea for including me in your special day!

*PS- don't forget to look here and tell me if you're interested! :)


  1. Uhm, you had me at warm donuts? haha!
    It sounds like you had a busy but very fun weekend =) Hope your week goes amazing as well!

  2. I agree. Wonderful weekend! Let's blow up the pic of us and put them in our rooms for this school year!! All of the pics are good, though!


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