Tuesday, July 12

Celebrating Harper Alan ~ Baby Shower!

WOW! What a fun weekend we had! Not only was it Brian's 30th Birthday, but we had 2 showers to celebrate Harper!!!  I have sooo been looking forward to my friend's throwing me a baby shower! They had it planned for a couple of months and I have been counting down the days! Baby showers are a lot different than wedding showers to me.  They are a little more comfortable in the fact that people are buying someone else gifts.  You know what I mean? I don't know, all I know is it was an absolute blast!! {I'll share the other one is another post!}

My friends Amanda, Allison, Mandy, and Jordan threw me a Friends Shower on Saturday morning.  They seriously had the best food ever and the decorations were adorable!!
Allison, Me, Amanda, Mandy, Jordan

How cute is the cake?!
I love that I love cake now!
We also played a super fun game, compliments of Mandy! She had a big bag filled with lots of adorable baby socks ranging in all different sizes {good thinking girl!}.  You had to match the socks and fold them in 45 seconds! It was SO much harder than it sounds! Whoever folded the most matched socks won! Amanda S. won the game ~ even with her little boy there! ha! She must be super-laundry girl. *Must get tips*  The best part of the game was that Harper got all the socks after it was over!!



watching the madness!

Amanda S. - the WINNER!

Maegan was a close second!
My friends truly spoiled me! Harper got so many cool, cute, and neat things! I've got tons of pictures, but I don't want to bore you with every single gift, so I'll just share a few. :)  It was funny at times because I didn't know what some of the baby things were for! Oh well, I guess I'll learn!!

B wasn't at the shower, but he was pumped about putting together the travel system - which we did the next night!
We had a great time laughing the entire shower {I think mostly at me, ha!} and it could not have been more fun! I didn't want it to end!! *We even had a cop show up towards the end of the shower. One of the girls thought it was a STRIPPER! HAHAHA  If you knew some of my girlfriends from college, this wasn't such a weird response! But alas, it was a real cop telling people to move their cars off the street. BOO on crabby neighbors!

Alison, Jordan, Amanda

Mandy and I

Mom and I

Amanda K, her son Trenton, Allison, Maegan

Mom, Tiffany, Andrea

Amanda and Ann

Danielle and Jamie
Here are the hostess gifts from me, and the candy bouquet from Harper. It was much cuter in person ~ for some reason it wouldn't show up in the picture.  Her note said, "Thanks for being so 'sweet' to me! Love, Harper"

Party Trays, Jordan's was a UK tray

THANK YOU to all who were able to come!! I seriously had so much fun and it was wonderful to be around so many of my friends!!I know a few had to drive a good distance to get there and 2 sweet girls who live really far away sent her gifts. How sweet!

A HUGE thank you to Amanda, Allison, Mandy, and Jordan! You all out-did yourselves and I truly appreciate it!
sorry Grace, Kelli, and Danielle! we took after you left!


  1. The shower looked so cute and fun!

  2. i had so much fun at the shower! and I love my tray:) can't wait for baby harper to get here!


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