Monday, July 11

30th Birthday!!

Happy 30th Birthday, Brian!

Thursday was my hubby's 30th! I seriously cannot believe that! We started thinking back to when we first started dating and he was 26...I feel like we'd never get to 30! ha! However, he's dealing with it very well and excited for what this next year has to bring!

We started off his actual Birthday by going to The Cellar for dinner, followed by birthday presents and brownie fudge! He started his birthday off with a candy bouquet to take to work to munch on!

On Saturday, he went golfing with his buddies all day and then we all headed out for the night! Although we used to go out all the time, we haven't in a LONG time, so it was fun! We had dinner at Atomic Cafe {a fun outdoor place with live reggae music} and then headed to Tin Roof! They had a country band who played 'old country' and Brian was sooo happy! He even got to stare at Darius Miller {UK bball player} so he was super pumped! haha And....this little 7-month-pregnant-wife gets a major award, because I outlasted all the guys and girls at his party! ha! We seriously stayed out until 1:30am.  That's late for me!! 

*Meahnwhile, at the bar, I'm sitting with my feet propped up on the bench behind my husband and his friends discussing with another one of the wives (Alison) about my swollen legs with dimple things and we were freaking out that the dimples wouldn't go away the next day.... {don't worry, they did!} A hot young girl approaches my husband and her husband and begins to stroke their ring fingers asking if they were married (no, boys just like to look taken who aren't???) and if they were HAPPY! Dang slut! {whoops}.  Although Alison and I found it to be comical for a second, we about had to do something until we saw the boys quickly get her away and look franctically at us to see if we noticed! HAHA Wow, talk about making a prego girl feel down on herself - and the conversation we were having was icing on the cake! But, I think Brian liked it :).  He kept telling me he 'still had it at 30', HAHA!

On Sunday, Brian celebrated his birthday with my family after church with lunch at his choice and brownies again! Colby is way into parties right now and has been talking and looking forward to having "Uncle B's party" for a while now! He helped make the brownies with my parents so Kelli and Eric could go out with us, and he made B a party hat! haha It was funny.

Happy 30th Brian!! :)


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRIAN!! I will be right there with you in a few short months. :)
    Looks like a fun weekend. Great job for hanging in there until 1:30! Much better than I would do.

  2. Ha, thanks girl! I think I paid for it Sunday though! :)


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