Tuesday, July 5

Happy 4th!

So, really, is it just KY, or is it everywhere that more than not sometimes Independence Day becomes White Trash Bash? Ok, that was mean.  Let's just say I saw my fair share for the year of shirt-less men {and women, whoa}, cussing parents to their kids, and shoe-less folks this weekend! Yikes!

I started out the holiday weekend watching my friend, Allison's, girl, Nola! I love her. I've watched her before, but her Mom and Dad let me watch Nola for a full day! We had lots of fun playing in the sprinkler, playing with her doll, and really, who knows what all ~ I think me chasing her around my non-baby-proof house! It was so fun, but I was so exhausted by the end! Uh-Oh!! :)
Yea, she totally has a monogrammed bathing suit. Probably why Allison and I are friends - we think alike! haha

After Brian got home from golfing Friday, we went to the new Mexican restaurant! Still can't so their meat, but I did enjoy a cheese quesadilla! It was fun having a date night on a patio that was enclosed with fans! haha

On Saturday we went to the pool with our friends! It was pretty fun despite a few raindrops here and there! Then we headed to the annual Red, White, and Boom! This used to be THE BEST thing ever. It was downtown, free, concerts, fair food, and you could bring your own cooler.  Well, it's gotten a little out of control and trashy, so they moved it to the local triple A baseball field and charged $5 ~ still not a bad price! So, we went with Amanda and Philip after eating at Pazzo's first! It was fun and the multiple country artists were great.  Brian's favorite was Craig Morgan! After the concerts they had a pretty good display of fireworks. However, I think this will be my last year making an appearance at RWB. I don't know that I can see the girl who was wearing a bikini with her boobs signed by the singers again ~ nor let Harper see such a thing! ha! I would have loved to hang out longer...but alas, my pregnancy mode was in full affect! It was SO FREAKING HOT outside, my feet were huge and aching, and I was so tired! So I went home to bed while poor Brian watched a movie by himself!

Sunday afternoon we hung out with Brian's sister who was up from ATL and his cousin, Kelley. I was excited to show them the progress on the nursery! Then we were off to our Life Group's cookout at Alison and Nick's house! It was super fun and she made the best homemade ice cream! They also had next door neighbors set off for-real fireworks! We had the best seats!! Although, we each got hit a few times with the debris! Ouch!! I wish we could have caught it on camera better, but the fireworks were sort of better than Red, White, and Boom's! We decided it was a new tradition to have 4th of July at their house! *We missed Amanda and Philip! They had to work. :(

And for the real 4th of July, we went downtown Lexington to CentrePointe where they had tons of stuff to do! It was so fun! I got some non-alcoholic Bahama Mamas (yes, Jen, I swore those off, but these are different, right?!) and some yummy Kettle Korn! There was tons of music playing, yummy fair food, and all kinds of things for kids! The weather was great ~ but hot again, so I got puffy again! ha!  Then we met Brian's sister and his cousins one more time before his sis left for ATL.

Hope you had a great 4th, too!


  1. Love that little Nola!

    Sorry you are having swelling....mine was awful b/c of the heat last year. Try to put your feet up a little but everyday and hopefully that will keep them from getting too puffy!!

  2. fun pictures! i am a sweaty miss. sad to have missed the cookout:( glad you all had such a good weekend!


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