Monday, July 4

Preggie Post ~ 27 weeks DOWN! Hello 3rd!

Wow! That's really scary to say! I just completed 27 weeks on Saturday, so I'm working on my first week of being into the 3rd trimester! Yikes! The last one! Only 12 more weeks until we meet Harper!

Pregnancy Highlights:
*I passed my glucose test! Yay!

Size: Harper is the size of a cucumber! About 15 inches long and 2.2 lbs! She's also being measured from the top of her head to her toes instead of crown to rump. 

Movement: Harper is still all over the place and I love it! It's much more noticeable to others when she's moving! It's really neat!  Brian has also been able to hear her heartbeat! If I lay down and we are very quiet, he can press his ear against my belly and hear her little heart! Isn't that amazing! I am sad I can't hear it, but glad he is able to get an 'extra' little thing since he doesn't get to feel her constantly moving inside me!

What's Baby Up To?: She can now recognize mine and Brian's voices.  Her taste buds are very developed, too.  She can taste everything I eat and will let me know if she likes it or not! {I haven't had any complaints, yet!}

Weight: I'm honestly starting to feel really huge and that scares me because I know I have a long way to go.  My legs and feet have started to really feel the weight as well as my skin on my belly feeling pulled.  I'm up...I'm almost afraid to admit...please don't judge me...20 whopping lbs...  So, needless to say, we'll be putting the desserts kept in our house on a hold. :)

Symptoms: I've started all kinds of new stuff this week! :)  I've never had heartburn before, but I have it SO bad now! It's almost every time I eat! At first, I didn't know what that burning feeling was ~ but then Brian explained to me it was heartburn! Will she have lots of hair at birth then?!?!  My hands, feet, and legs have started swelling anytime I am outside or have been on my feet for longer than like 30 minutes {which wasn't good for this weekend}.  I like to refer to myself as puffy-feet girl.
Also ~ I've finally realized why all these women always give me such sorrowful looks when they know I'm pregnant in the summer. UM HELLO IT'S HOT IN HERE!!!! Wow! So, I have always been hot-natured. BUT WOW. A pregnant woman is like 10 degrees hotter than everyone else! It's honestly getting hard to be outside! Which makes me sad because I love patios, but, I'm roasting here!! :)

Sleep: Still the same, but I have been able to sleep a little longer in the mornings! I'm pretty used to flipping due to the hip pain every hour so it's becoming not that big of a deal to just deal with!

What I'm looking forward to: I have my first BABY SHOWER this weekend! I'm soooo excited!!!

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  1. Chris keeps looks at my feet like they are going to swell any minute.. I was like take a chill pill that happens towards the end buddy.

  2. You are adorable! I am so glad to hear that you passed your glucose test. I have mine coming up this month and dread it oh so much! Hope you have a wonderful last few weeks!


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