Thursday, July 28

Thankful Thursday - Linky Party!

Ok! Here's my first Linky Party! Hope you join!

Here are the rules!
1. Become a follower of the Host {ME!}
2. Copy and paste the button {picture} above and add it to your Thankful Post, and link my blog address
3. Click on the Linky below, and add your url for your post*****
4. Have Fun viewing other blogs! :)

Thankful Thursday!
1. I'm thankful for my very sweet husband who does things like this too often for me to not share! :)
2. I'm thankful my family made it to vacation safely {even though I am not getting to be with them:( }
me with the boys before they left
3. I'm thankful for having found such great friends to work with...even though most of them won't be working with me this year!

4. I'm thankful for my God!

5. I'm thankful for all the precious moves, flips, turns, and kicks I feel from this cutie!

6. I'm thankful for some very awesome answered prayers we've recently received!! :)

7. I'm thankful for the summer to get all this Long-Term Sub folder stuff mostly organized! Shoo-Wee!! It's a lot!

8. I'm thankful I sold 2 straw cups from my store (they are so cute, pics to come!) and was able to purchase this sweet smocked dress for the little one next Fall. {I have an agreement with myself that I only purchase things I 'want' off money made from the shop!}

What are you thankful for?

*****UPDATE: I have had NO time to get the Linky up and ready. So, for the first one,  just leave a comment with your blog post. Be sure to look at everyone else's posts! :)


  1. ok i think i did it right:) and i just noticed you added another one! love the dress:)

  2. I'm with Amanda on this -- I think I did it right! Thanks for the party!

  3. You work quick! I just started using InLinkz over at LTC, and the text linkys are free and sooo easy! Excited to see you starting a party!

  4. No time today for another post, but I'm loving the idea of Thankful Thursday! I will definitely be linking up next week:)

  5. So I didn't link up (maybe next week), but I wanted to tell you about a facebook page called Smocked Auctions. They auction off smocked dresses and such for super cheap. The dresses are adorable. (They have boy stuff too but I don't like it as well as the dresses so I've never bid on anything!)

  6. I'm so sad I missed this! :( I'll be waiting for next week!


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