Sunday, August 7

The 8th Month ~ working on 33 weeks...

I'm slacking on the preggo posts. :)  The 8th Month has hit me very hard! But, IT'S THE 8th MONTH! I only have one more until we meet our little baby GIRL!!! So, I remind myself of that during the hours of 1am-6am while I am wide awake with back pain and hip pains. :)

I didn't take a photo for 31 weeks, but here is my 32 week & 1 day photo:
Honestly, on Thursday I woke up and thought, I've gained. She's definitely gained, and she's heavy! I'm not quite sure if this happens to everyone, but I really feel like I can truly feel her! She's getting heavy and she needs more room in there!

Pregnancy Highlights:

Size: honeydew! wowza! She could be weighing in around 4.5 lbs! No wonder I feel so much heavier and my pains are getting worse! She's getting big!

What's Going On: Baby has less fluid with her now, so I can feel her jabbing and kicking even more than I had before - if that was possible!  She's also able to open and close her eyes with ease and is aware of day and night time.  She's also finished with her immune system development to provide her from mild infections when she's born. What a milestone!

Weight: Well, I'm definitely gaining.  In the last 2 weeks, I've gained +3 each week. WHOA. But, I can't say it's all baby's fault. :) I have been letting myself go a little more than I had just because I know we're nearing the end.  Oh-so-thankfully, I've had some extremely sweet co-workers this past week (we're all back to work now) tell me how good I look for being so close to the end, so that has honestly meant so much to me! I never knew how I would take the weight gain...but I won't lie and tell you it's easy. But I know that pushing that scale on Saturdays means that I am being healthy for my little growing girl.

Clothes: Um, hi, I can't fit into some of my earlier pregnancy clothes!! What?! I was shocked about this! But I am sooo close to the end I can't bear to spend more silly money on these clothes! So I am just trying to make due with what I have and can fit in to!

Food: No aversions, cravings are the same: dessert and cinnamon toast crunch cereal

Mood: very, very tired; sore; worn down.  I had no idea this month would take such a bigger toll on me than previous ones.  I get upset easily when I have to say "no" to friends or events because I'm so exhausted. Brian says people understand, but I still hate to miss out or disappoint others. 

Momma: I'm starting to get extremely anxious about all things baby! I'm nervous about delivery and once we have her here.  People keep asking me if I'm ready ~ and honestly, I think I'm ready, but I'm also scared at the same time! I feel like we have so much more to organize?!?! Who knows...  I'm also getting so nervous about work.  I don't sleep - like ever - and ever since this last week I have been in constant pain with my back and neck.  I am very nervous about being on my feet all day.  I also know I have to be the best teacher ever for the part I'm back for so I cannot let exhaustion or pain creep in.  I'm also worried about maternity leave and leaving my classroom. I'm worried about parents being upset or the kids acting up or me missing out on important things I need to know about.  I'm already worried about going back to work after leave and if I can do it!  However, I keep trying to remember when my team-teacher had her maternity leave and everything went fine.  It wasn't how she would have done things, but the kids all learned and the parents were hopefully I can get over my worries. My teammate says that is her prayer for me: to stop worrying about what others have to say or do and just relish in the moments.  WOW. Can you say I'm a worrier? I always have been...I think that's the thing I hate the most about myself!

Anyways, give or take ~ we'll be seeing our girl in about 7 more weeks!


  1. What a sweet post! :) I craved sweets and Cinnamon Toast Crunch when I was expecting our daughter too! So funny! I also had terrible back pain-- it really helped to do the exercises on this website:
    Hope that helps a little!

  2. Here's a better website for the back pain...


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