Wednesday, August 31

Baby Bottle Must-Haves

Ok, so my sis found this awesome product...and then it made me remember my co-worker, Kathleen, found these, too! Well, I think some similar!

These little sippy cup and bottle labels are so cute! They are a must have for taking to the sitter's, day cares, or the church nursery!

Here's a few websites that sell basically the same products and they all seem to run around $12.95.

My Precious Kid

Little Piddles

These labels are ok...they say they are dishwasher safe, but I'd be a little leary of this...
Name Bubbles

And of course, when little H gets older, she will be using one of these custom made just for her likeness~
The Craft Store
I imagine like a pink and green polka dot one with her name and maybe a cut-out of a giraffe or something!


  1. I just ordered some for our girls from And I managed to find a coupon code to get 10% off. It also came with a free subscription to Parenting and Family Fun magazines!

  2. Just ordered some too! These are great...especially because you can put ANY name on them. It's so hard to find pre personalized stuff for unique names:) Thanks for the idea!

  3. Surprisingly, the name bubbles really do stay on!! I LOVE THEM! We have them on all of Kinsley Anne's bottles, lids, etc & they have weathered 10.5 months of "stuff." They are pink & green with a ladybug on them & everyone comments on them. Either way, I love all of the personalized touches out there to add to baby's belongings!!

    Jen @


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