Thursday, August 25

Baby Update @ 34.5 weeks

So I'm now into my weekly appointments! I feel like that marks the start of the end!

I went to the doctor on my own but I met up with Amanda's cousin, Crystal, so it wasn't so bad sitting in the waiting room for hours {literally!}. :)

I know I've said it before, but my OB is so cooky and I love him! I've been seeing him for many, many years, but I really do love him as my 'baby doc' now.  He's so laid back and calm about everything which helps me stay like that, too!

Today I was measured and measured perfectly! He also was able to feel around and that head I kept swearing I was rubbing on...well it's her booty! hahaha! But that means...she's head down!! YAY! I never felt the movement, which he said is sometimes painful, so I wasn't sure if she had turned or not!

I also go to hear her heartbeat and talk about my birth plan.  I was a little upset Brian wasn't there with me while we worked out some details of the plan...but oh well.  I also told my doctor that after these 9 months of waiting on him for up to 3 hours when he had unexpected deliveries he at least owed me to deliver my baby! haha! But seriously, I pleaded with him that I think I need his calm and cooky attitude to help me not freak out! Which of course his reply was, "well, you'll have drugs. you won't stress. and I will be there unless I'm drunk. and I don't drink. so I guess I'll be there." Just take my word for it, it was funny. :)

So, he also said I've had a pretty much textbook pregnancy. That's pretty amazing and one HUGE thing I am thankful for. So even though I missed my own linky party, that's my Thankful Thursday this week!

Looks like we'll be having a baby in about 5 weeks or so!!!!


  1. LOL!! Cooky is right! But believe me, you'll want a little humor in the delivery room to lighten the mood {especially if you're getting an epidural}... :) I took 2 or 3 naps after mine! Glad to hear everything is good with Baby B! Congrats, Momma!

  2. a baby in 5 weeks! ahhhhhhh so soon! so exciting!

  3. We are having babies in 5 weeks too! CRAZY!
    Who is your doc? Glad to hear all is well with you and that baby girl!


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