Sunday, August 28

Month 9 {35 weeks down!}

Hello 9 Months!
35 weeks 1 day

35 weeks 1 day
Pregnancy Highlights:

size: large cantaloupe (possibly 6 lbs!)

weight: +2
*Yesterday (Saturday) I was 35 weeks pregnant with 35 days to go! I thought that was neat. :)

what's baby doing: Pretty much all the things inside are matured as they can be to this point and will be able to work once out in the real world! Her bones are more like cartilage to it will be able to come out. :)

what's up with me: I'm doing a waddle! But there is an actual reason for that - who knew! It's because of my connective tissue in my body is beginning to soften and loosen so I can get this baby out! :) Also, because she 'burrowing' down low and making it hard to walk. 

symptoms: arthritis in hands and feet, major swelling after being at work, some pressure on lower back and abdomen, acne

In light of it though, I actually still feel really well and I seriously feel happy still about being pregnant ~ I'm just ready to meet our girl!


  1. Looking good momma! Oh PS Stuart met our new neighbors last night and they are Brian's dad and stepmom. Small world.':)

  2. You look great, and are SO close!


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