Monday, August 15

Cricut Stuff :)

Here's a few things I've made lately with my Cricut! They are so easy and I think look pretty cute!

Plastic Wear: I liked using plastic rather than glass for purposes of taking food items to tailgates, picnics, child-friendly, etc.  You could do any combo of colors, initials, monograms, pictures, etc!
I used Loop Dee Loo Font cartridge for the letters and then a craft circle cut to make the polka dots.  The paper is vinyl.  I actually gave these as hostess gifts.

This is an iced beverage glass that I used Everyday Paper Dolls cartridge.  The above picture is of a softball girl {it's hard to tell, but that's a uniform I made in pink} and the second picture is the helmet and her initials.  This was a gift for a great and sweet girl I tutored this summer who was all about softball!  I have lots of these cups and I love using them!

This is my favorite thing I made I think! HAHA A personalized Purell dispenser! So, I guess because of my sister or maybe all my friends who have babies, I am very well aware that you need to use some type of Purell or wash your hands before ever touching a new baby! I remember going over to my sister's when Colby was born and it was a rule to go to the Purell first and then come see the baby! So, I thought to myself why not make this little 'new fixture' cute! I have an adorable horse and polka dot purell dispenser in my kitchen, so I got the idea from that! I just took a purell bottle and took off the label.  Then used the Everyday Paper Dolls cartridge to make a baby carriage and then {of course} had to add a little personalization with the 'h' at the bottom.  I ended up using a green bottle and purple vinyl to match her room colors, although we'll keep it in the Family Room! :) I mean, you might as well keep-it-cute!

*If you don't have a Cricut and you like any of the things you see, you can always email me or visit my Craft Store! The Everyday Paper Dolls cartridge has seriously endless possibilities of pictures, scenes, etc! It's awesome!

*If you're visiting from facebook, thanks! I rarely post my blogs on FB anymore, so click on the Home button and read what you've missed! :) thanks for visiting!!


  1. These are so cute! I have always wanted a cricut but have failed to purchase on yet.

  2. Hi there, i found your blog awhile ago probably from kelly's korner. I'm a teacher also and my grandma is from Louisville and put a love for the derby in me so I love reading when you go to the track! Anyways I think I am going to take your idea and make something for my cousins wedding but I wasn't sure about whether you could put the vinyl in the dishwasher or if something special has to be done. Also where do you find your plastic pieces at?Thanks!


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