Sunday, August 14

I digress; I'm chubby. Preggo Update 34.1

I keep thinking to myself that I don't look that bad and all that weight I'm gaining is going to my belly and feet; but friends, after the past 2 Saturdays and looking through pictures I've come to a cold. hard. fact: I'm chubby.  I've got about 3 chins and a linebacker's dream of shoulder-puff.  {if you don't believe me, wait until the shower pics!}

Pregnancy Update: 34 Weeks, 1 Day

Size: little girl is the size of a pineapple: possibly weighing around 4.9 lbs and 19 inches long {like holding a 5-lb bag of flour}

What's She Doing: Her fingernails now reach the end of the fingertips and could curl at the end...making it necessary to cut them as soon as she comes out!She's still developing her own immune system for the outside world, too.

Weight: +1 this week...but feeling very heavy

Symptoms: I forgot to add this one the last 2 weeks...I have what the nurses called "pregnant arthritis" meaning my hands, fingers, toes, and ankles are stiff and hard to bend and move at the joints.  She said this should go away after labor...but it's quite uncomfortable and hurts a lot!  I'm also just more tired that I'm used to; although I'm sure going back to work full time has something to do with it as well.  I officially have cankles and not sure if I'll even see my regular ankles again...HA! My feet have also swelled so that there is no hope in getting into any type of heels or my tennis shoes for now {yes, I tried!!}.

Mood: On Wednesday of last week I told Brian I was finally ready to meet Harper.  Before that, I was and am excited, but I felt like I wanted to keep her inside and still had so much to do before she comes.  Now, I'm getting to the point where things are wearing on my quickly and even though I have TONS left to get ready for her arrival ~ I'm just ready for her to be here and welcome the change to our lifestyle!! :)

Food: No aversions or cravings and actually, nothing really sounded good to eat at all this week so I just ate what was around! ha!

Doctor Update: I went to the DR on Thursday {yes, the first day of school - crazy} and I ended up getting into a little 'trouble'.  He and the nurses were not at all impressed with me and gave me a hard "talking to" about going and doing too much.  They threatened me that if I didn't stop I'd see bed rest in my future.  I know that's horrible...but I feel like I have to go and do especially in the beginning of school and I've got so much to do at home prepping for her arrival or just my daily things I need to get done I don't seem to know how to slow down.  But I know for sure I don't want to have to be hooked up to the fetal monitor anymore because that was pretty scary! So this week I'm going to try and do the best I can without *hopefully* going overboard...


  1. I hope you can relax!! I'm like that, too, but have been trying to slow down myself. Pregnancy is EXHAUSTING! Everyone keeps telling me to rest now, because you won't get any rest in a few weeks-- so I'm passing those words of wisdom along to you. Everything that needs to get done, will. :)

  2. I remember getting in trouble with the doctor in week 34. My blood pressure had gone up and they found protein in my urine. I went on modified bed rest and was fine in the next check up. Try to stay rested and keep those feet up. My students made me a foot stool so I could rest my feet. It was too cute!

  3. you are NOT chubby. i know I havent seen you in person in a while- but from pics i KNOW you are not chubby. you could never be anything but beautiful:)

  4. You have always been teeny-tiny and I can't imagine any pregnancy weight you've added to that little frame has made you anything but tiny still! We've been doing the fetal monitoring the last two weeks too and I think that what the doctor calls a 'non-stress' test was really just designed to stress the mom out and scare her into slowing down! You are so far along, hope you can manage to rest and you'll be meeting your baby girl before you know it!


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